Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dr. Robinson

Exam week is in full swing. Today one of them is New Testament with Dr. Robinson. The guy is a genius and the major player in the Alexandrian / Byzantine text controversy. He held class yesterday despite the fact that everyone was taking exams, and prepared us for today's test with words like the following.

"Ninety-eight multiple choice and two fill-in-the-blank questions which will give you less than one minute each."

"The multiple choice will be A, B, C, D only to give you better odds at getting one of them right. (No E, F, or G to lower your odds.)

"Now on many of the questions, A, B, C, and D will be correct. Your job is to choose the most correct answer.

"I can't give you hints on the two fill-in-the-blanks because then you might fill in the blanks."

"Of course you will be tested on your beloved professor's opinions versus those of the assigned book writers. You should know what my opinions are about certain things like dating of the Gospels, gospel priority, and other issues on which I am right and the authors are wrong.

"Don't worry, I won't do tricky things like quote John 4:2 when it is really John 4:3 to change the answer."

Thanks for the break, Dr. Robinson. Did I mention that this test is half the grade?