Monday, December 19, 2005

In Florida

We're in Florida visiting Amanda's family. We arrived 3:30am Sunday morning. We've had a good time. Amanda is more beautiful than ever and a wonderful mother. Luke is eating up the attention and being a big ham. Our miniature dachshund Cleo is here since the seminary does not allow pets ($10 fine per day). I wish we could bring her home.

We had Christmas last night so Luke could enjoy his new toys. This is his first Christmas.

On Sunday we attended an in-house production at the Church at South Lake (SBC) of a musical on Christmas set in the inner city. It was awesome, written by a member of the church who could not tolerate the Hollywood lifestyle and moved to Orlando to work for a TV station. If you click on the link above, check out the box on "The Center of the Heart."

We head back on Wednesday.