Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Big day for Luke

January 17 was a big day for Luke. He had an endoscope of his small instestine done at the UNC Children's Hospital in order to take a biopsy for celiac disease. The physician said that to the naked eye, his intestine looked perfectly normal, but since they have been fooled before, we await biopsy results. He is pictured here in his hospital pajamas in the children's hospital waiting room prior to the procedure. They were done in about fifteen minutes, and he woke up earlier than expected from his general anesthetic. Instead of being groggy, he was making eyes at the nurses, but the man with the mask got a dirty look!

Bennett Place
Afterwards, we went to the Bennett Place in Durham, NC, where Confederate forces under Joe Johnston surrendered to WT Sherman. We explored the cabin and grounds where nearly ten years ago, I had led the Operation Restoration team to finish their 800-mile prayer walk of Georgia and the Carolinas. We had a good time there on a warm January day in the high 60s.

Later in the afternoon, Luke got his first haircut in Wake Forest, NC, and a cerficate of graduation from babyhood along with a lock of his hair for a slightly emotional Mommy.