Monday, February 27, 2006

Contact Allen McWhite if you're a SC Baptist

Allen McWhite, director of global missions at North Greenville and an International Mission Board trustee from South Carolina, has asked in the latest issue of the SC Baptist Courier that SC Baptists contact him to let him know where they stand on the current IMB conflicts re: prayer language and other issues. He wants to represent SC Baptists well, and having been a missionary himself, he opposes the new policies. Please read the letter in the Courier and contact him at

Ron Bryan, pastor ofCrescent Hill Baptist Church, Columbia, and also an IMB trustee, also opposes the new policies regarding tongues, baptism, and eternal security.

Dr. Jerry Rankin, president of the IMB, who answers to the board of trustees, spoke plainly from his heart about this issue in Banff, Alberta, recently.