Friday, February 17, 2006

Job cut at Just Tires-option for another store

Last week the new leadership of Just Tires, a market owned by Goodyear, cut hours across the board to 30. On Monday, they came in and moved our good manager, Bobby Burns, out of our store, the #1 store and one of the 3 of 15 stores making money. Yesterday the new manager called the house and informed me that I was also being cut from the Capital Blvd Raleigh store along with three others, three part-timers (1 sales, 2 in shop), and me, the newest salesman. I was given an option to move possibly to a store in Clayton, an hour away in good traffic, or Durham on15/501 University Drive, also an hour away.

Later in the day I headed over to Duke Hospital to attend the open heart surgery of one of Amis Chapel's parishioners. He came through it well, and I think he'll be back involved at church in a few weeks.