Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just confirmed! Marian Wilson for Amis Chapel Women's Conference!

Just confirmed by phone!

Mrs. Marian Wilson, Rhett's mom, from Greenville, SC, formerly of First Baptist Church, Henderson, NC, has agreed to lead Amis Chapel's first Women's Conference May 6, 9am-3pm! She is planning on teaching three sessions, one on Psalm 63, one on developing intimacy with the Lord through the Word, and one on prayer. The Men on Mission are planning to cook lunch for the ladies for the conference.

We are hoping to have Tracey Wilson, Marion's daughter-in-law come to lead worship and sing during the Women's Conference as well.

We hope to have women from throughout the Flat River Association come to it. I would be satisfied with 25 women, but the Amis Chapel ladies predict forty.