Thursday, March 23, 2006

Packing like a mad dog!

We have been packing so much that Amanda is down with a cold and my right ankle is acting up again. Luke is great, but all the discombobulation has him whining a lot. He still smiles a lot, though, and right now he's trying to push buttons on the keyboard with a big smile on his face.

This might be the last post for awhile since I'll be taking down the computer tonight or tomorrow.

We move the storage building this evening and the whole house in the morning starting at 9:00am.

It's been a busy week otherwise. Last Friday we got car insurance changed over to NC (their law) and went to the parsonage. Last Saturday we painted the parsonage with several men from the church. Last Saturday night, I was privileged to give a devotion at the annual Amis Chapel-Grassy Creek Hunt Club dinner with about 300 in attendance. I mentioned Genesis 27:3 and Psalm 133:1.

On Monday the Men on Mission joined the painting fray, and we got almost finished. On Tuesday, we had the Flat River Associational quarterly meeting in Oxford. Wednesday of course was church with Matthew 9.

Tonight we move the storage building, and tomorrow we move the house. Saturday folks are coming over to help us unpack.

After Sunday's activities, we plan to spend Monday getting NC drivers licenses (Out of state folks have to take the written test in NC!), car tags, etc. Then it will be hard to get up early and leave home by 6am to be at my 7:30am Old Testament class on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.