Monday, April 17, 2006

Mr. Parsonage

Ever since we moved into the parsonage, we've had telemarketers calling to speak with the last two pastors of the church. We had not been in the house 24 hours when we received the first call asking for "Mr. Tuck." We soon began getting calls from all over for "Alan," "Norwood," "Malvin," and "Mr. or Mrs. Coker." I promptly went to and signed up this number as soon as we were able to get online. Telemarketers have 30 days to comply, so we're in that interim period.

But today topped it all.
When I answered today, the telemarketer said, "Mr. Parsonage."
Thinking I misunderstood, I replied, "Excuse me?"
"Is Mr. or Mrs. Parsonage available?"
I told the poor soul the truth, that indeed they were not.

We had a great Easter sunrise service with twice as many as were expected, and the largest attendance ever of around eighty people. We took communion by families, so thank goodness there was enough. The church was full at the regular service with about 175, I am told, 35-40 more than usual.