Monday, April 03, 2006

Report from Amis Chapel

My first post from Amis Chapel Road! We're finally online, thanks to an AOL packet which came in the mail yesterday. And yes, it's dial-up. We still have a lot of boxes around, but we're functioning.

Now is the season for term papers. I have one 10-13 page exegesis due April 12 and another, a 25-30 page textual variant paper, due a week later.

We have a wedding this weekend at the church, too. Trina Gravitt and Carlton Vaughan, and I'll officiate. My first wedding.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday while I was in class, Amanda and Luke finished cleaning our apartment. Here's a picture of Luke helping Mommy with the refrigerator. He saw her cleaning, and he picked up a sponge and started going at it, too.

Last Thursday we went with some church members to the RBC Center in Raleigh to hear Dr. David Jeremiah. It was the largest rally he had ever held -- 15,000 or so, I think. The picture is poor because I took it with a cell phone.