Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wedding and Commissioning

I officiated my first wedding this past Saturday, and it came off with only one hitch -- Trina and Carlton. It was a blast to wear the new black pulpit robe that the Baptist Men of the church purchased. It has two velvet stripes down the front and looks like the picture here. It was great to see so many family members and friends work so hard to have that wedding happen. We wish the new couple well.

We commissioned a couple during worship this morning (Ronnie and Shortie Tuck) to go to Gulfport, MS, to volunteer with NC Baptist Men in their ongoing feeding apparatus there. They will be serving over Easter with other volunteers from central North Carolina.

I did a children's sermon today and showed the kids a shofar, explaining what it was. Casey Brewer then blew it for them, and I promoted the Passover Seder at the church coming up Thursday. A show of hands of who plans to attend the seder astounded me -- eighty people are coming! That's a lot of matzah and grape juice, especiallyif someone gets hold of too much horseradish! I hope everyone will leave with a better idea of the Messiah in the Passover and how we got our Lord's Supper.

Luke is teething again, this time with one eye tooth and two molars. He's in no small discomfort, and we've been hearing about it. In the midst of his misery, his bright smile, gentle spirit, and loving personality still comes out strong.

Working on two papers. One due Wednesday, one due April 25.