Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Wedding on the Beach

The beach at Fort DeSoto State Park in St. Petersburg, FL, was beautiful. Unfortunately for those of us in the heat, the bride was almost 2 hours late to the ceremony, which was a little disconcerting, but Carmen is a little time-challenged!

The wedding was great. The ceremony was beautiful, as was the bride. Keven and Carmen were properly hitched. We even had organ music through the iPod and a boom box! I was the officiant and official iPod button pusher.

Luke, long overdue for a nap, finally lost his patience during the ceremony, ran between me and the couple, backed up against my leg, looked up at the bride and slowly welled up into a blood-curdling scream. Then he ran to his mother (the matron of honor) to be held. Finally Uncle Alvin took him for a walk on the beach. Whew!

It was hot -- but with the delay, the wedding on the beach was much more pleasant at 7:00pm (86 degrees) than at 5:00pm (95 degrees). At the reception, we had filet mignon, and the black flying bugs and mosquitoes had us.

We got back to Minneola after midnight and collapsed after a long, hot day.

On Sunday, it was nice being another Joe on the pew and enjoying church at the Church at South Lake, a Southern Baptist church where Amanda's father plays bass on the worship team and her mom is the Hospitality Team.

We head back to NC early in the morning.