Saturday, August 12, 2006

Question: "How Did Israel Get Into This Mess?"

Answer: They believed the French
Gerald Steinberg, writing in the Wall Street Journal (July 17, 2006), explains that in order to get Israel out of Lebanon in 2000, France promised Israel that if they would withdraw to the international border... "France and its partners would send peacekeepers to prevent terror and missile attacks against Israel, help the Lebanese army take control of the border, and disarm Hezbollah." Tom Gross has the full article about how they got tricked last time.
Source: Dry Bones Blog

UNIFIL's new peacekeeping force

Assuming Hezbollah keeps its promise to stop shooting (and the Quran permits lying to infidels), we're told the French will carry the bulk weight of the new 15,000-strong retrofited and recommissioned UNIFIL as part of UN Res. 1701. Here is a copy of the latest issue of French Forces Magazine:

When I worked at M.S. Bailey & Son, Bankers, in college, I remember well Mr. O.C. Harris, our bank courier, a crusty old World War II veteran and a devout Baptist from over at Bellview Church in Laurens who marched from Normandy across Europe to defeat the Nazis. Something was in the news about France, and Mr. O.C. said,
"If it wadn't for us and the limeys, ever one of them dadblasted French would be eating kraut and speaking German today."
And this week it was the US and the Brits who masterfully put the hiatus on a horrific sequel to 9/11 and 7/7. Let's continue to pray that the terrorists will make mistakes, will show their hand, will have division and confusion among themselves, and will be caught. Most of all let's remember that they are not out of the reach of Jesus Christ. Both the Apostle Paul and Jesus' disciple Simon the Zealot were terrorists before their conversion.