Friday, August 18, 2006

Two Important Sundays at ACBC

Amis Chapel has two important Sundays coming up.

This Sunday, August 20, our church will ordain Mr. Dan Pritchard to deacon ministry. He lives in Clarksville, VA, and is a chemist with Annin Flag Co. Dan also chairs Amis Chapel's Thy Kingdom Come Futuring Group.

On Sunday, August 27, we will have a very special day. Rev. Ronald W. Palmer, lead consultant with Thy Kingdom Come (TKC), a futuring process for churches, will be here during both the Sunday School and worship hours to conduct Amis Chapel's TKC Congregrational Seminar.

This seminar will be for two hours from 10:00am to 12noon, and will consist of a powerpoint display, and a TKC study guide for each person from youth and adults. (Children will have their regular Sunday School program and come upstairs during the break between sessions.)

Every member of the church should make every effort to attend this vitally important Sunday for our church. Make sure you go to bed early so that you can pay attention well to Rev. Palmer. This is very important for Amis Chapel, and if you love your church, you will be there.

Thy Kingdom Come is a spiritual process to help congregations discern the Lord's leading for the next chapter in their spiritual lives.

We thank the generosity of Roger Orman of the Congregational Spiritual Development Team office of the South Carolina Baptist Convention for paying Rev. Palmer's honorarium. We are only responsible for travel.