Sunday, September 10, 2006

Report from Dennis Aggrey in Liberia, West Africa

Here’s a report I received from Dennis Aggrey in Liberia today. Amy McClure, mentioned below as working with Samaritan’s Purse under Dennis, is our own Erin Elliott’s (Amis Chapel) former UNC-CH roommate.

“I am sorry for not writing you since I returned to Liberia. I have been very busy. I spent three weeks in Foya, Lofa county where Amy McClure and others are assigned to set up Evangelism and Descipleship training centers. We are working with 15 churches.

Presently, we are training 100 church leaders for 12 weeks. Part of the we did and are doing in Foya is showing the Jesus film 3 times a week. The program is also going on fine. This will also continue for 12 weeks. Part of what I am overseeing in Foya is church construction. We are helping to construct 20 churches in this area. I am leaving for Bopolu this morning for a week to set up the same program. I have people to do the training, show the Jesus film, and work with churches to construct a place of worship. You can see how busy I am.

Please extend my greetings to my partners from your church. I will send more information with photos when I return.