Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Update from Dennis Aggrey in Liberia

From Fenton Moorhead: "Hello Dennis and supporters of Dennis "Dennis will be in Greenville SC in October 16-20 to speak Oct 19 at the Living Water Carolinas event to raise funds for work in Liberia. LWC takes groups to Liberia four times a year and has found Dennis to be most helpful and reliable in all efforts. I was with the team that went in August that provided medical clinics and water well repairs. 

 I will be talking to Dennis while he is here about the work in Liberia and how to best assist him. We are targeting a people group called the Gola who are north of Monrovia and are considered Unengaged and Unreached. Please communicate with me so we are on the same page in our efforts to work with Dennis. You can call me at 864-688-8296 at Brookwood Church where I am Missions Pastor. Fenton Moorhead"  

-----Original Message----- From: Dennis Aggrey Subject: Re: August Report I guess you are wondering why I haven't written. It has worried me too. Since I returned, I have been very busy experiencing some successes and setbacks. Immediately I returned, August 8, 2006, I begin to prepare for the Mission team from Living Water International. Roland (from Living Water International) led a team of ten. Me and my church folks worked with them in lunching Evangelism ministry among the unreach Gola tribal. Since their departure, we are having an on going visits and contact with the Gola people both in the city and Villages.  

August 24, I took a team of six up to Lofa County for series of purposes. One was to encourage Pastor Willie Johnson and the congregation in Konia, install, we were the ones who were encouraged. This less-then two years old church has planted their second church. In one Sunday (August 26) I had the opportunity to visit with the three churches in their localities. I bought the pastor (church) one bicycle and a motor-bike to help with movement in that area. We visited the church's beans farm to help with the harvest. After four days with the believers in this area, me and my team travel farer up North to Foya. In Foya, we set up four training centers for church leaders in Evangelism and Discipleship. 32 churches are represented. 

Two trainers were hired who will run the training centers for five months (August -December). There are 100 trainees and a Jesus Film team that is presently showing the film three times a week in the target areas of the 32 churches that are taking part in the training. I also supervise two men team who are responsible for helping reconstruct 20 churches in this area. The road is very bad due to the raining season. It took us two days to cover nine hours driving time. After four days in Monrovia, I headed for Bopolu, West of Liberia to set-up the same program as in Foya. Here again, two trainers who are graduates of the Baptist Seminary, were hired and are running the program there, with hundred trainees, four training sites. I am yet to put a Jesus film team in place. While in Bopolu, my room on the ELWA Compound was broken into and many valuable items were stolen. 

My lap-top computer, with all my memory stick, camera, Cell phone (my # is still the same, 011-231-655-9026) and good sum of money were taken away. Alone side that, I was down with Malaria for 12 days and could not leave my room. Today I am out trying to send this e-mail, from an Internet cafe hopping you get it. Note: The Faith Promise cards were also stolen. Please warn everyone to not response to a letter that is not from me. Photos attached! Dennis

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