Tuesday, October 24, 2006

She's got the glow

Amanda is 36 weeks today, and she has that gorgeous pregnant glow. She continues to amaze me at how strong she is and how committed she is to her family and children.

This picture was taken October 6 as we opened gifts from Graham Baptist Church in Sumter, SC.

Graham Church, pastored by John Patrick, has adopted us as their seminary couple. They recently had a shower for Amanda in absentia and shipped the gifts to us. We had a ball opening them.

We got a little excited last Monday when she began having 6 contractions per hour. A doctor's visit calmed our nerves, but she continues to have pre-labor contractions off and on.

Amis Chapel had a shower for her and the baby girl last Saturday, and we were so blessed. Amanda's parents came for a few hours from Florida, and my parents from South Carolina surprised us for a few hours also.

When you ask Luke where the baby is, he usually points to his Mom's belly, sometimes to his own! He is a good little boy and now dances with a curtain rod for a guitar for our entertainment. This is a picture of him opening his gifts from Graham BC. He is into books and trains.