Sunday, November 12, 2006

Luke a celebrity at Clarksville Food Lion

On Saturday Luke and I went together to Clarksville, VA, just 12 miles over the state line, to the closest grocery store, Food Lion. When we got to the check out, the lady at the register didn't even see me.

She lit up when she saw Luke and sang, "Are you a big brother yet?" Immediately all the other cashiers and baggers looked his direction and said, "Hey, Luke! How ya doing, big boy?" Luke played his shy eye with them, putting his chin on his chest and casting a tentative glance their way, then back at the floor, then back at them again. They ate it up.

I was thinking, "We must come here too much."

I had to give them the latest on Amanda before we left, but Luke was the center of attention.

The pictures her are of Luke and his friend Josh (5 years old) at the church fall preschool party on Nov 4. (Yes, Ira Bedenbaugh, that is a Tarheel sweat suit.) You can click on the pictures to get the full size version.