Monday, December 18, 2006

Dave Aucremann

I had lost track of my friend David Aucremann, but I just found him. He is now Pastor of Community (Small Groups) at Good News Church (PCA) in St. Augustine, FL.

We were in each others' weddings, but before that, Dave taught me more about disciple-making than anyone else ever has. He was the first person I remember leading to the Lord in college, and it happened in Douglas House on the Presbyterian College campus on April 18, 1990, about 10:30pm, just after the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ended.

After that we spent two years working together an hour or so each week. I taught him everything I knew about the Christian life, and he taught me what did and didn't work in one-on-one disciple-making as he grew in Christ. Later after college, he attended Reformed Seminary in Charlotte, and I got to see him ordained at Freedom Presbyterian Church. Dave is one of my heroes.

After college, he wanted to learn more about missions, so I encouraged him to take the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course offered through the US Center for World Mission. He did, and the cute, pretty girl in class next to him became his wife.

He has pedaled twice across the United States raising money for handicapped children.

I can't wait to talk with him by phone and catch up.