Sunday, December 24, 2006

Luke the shepherd boy

We were Mary and Joseph and Rachel was the baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant at the church Dec 17. 

Luke was a shepherd boy who came down the aisle crying huge tears for “Mommeeeee!” and then sat on Mary’s lap the whole time. 

One little girl named Courtney who just turned two was an angel who roamed during the whole time. She stood over Rachel the whole time kissing her. 

The Virgin Mary had to intervene only once when the guardian angel started putting the pacifier in and out of "baby Jesus'" mouth.

Luke will be two on December 31, and he has about a 20 word vocabulary. 

His favorite word is "Eat-a." Luke loves “da babee” and kisses her all the time.

Last summer when we were last in SC, Ira Bedenbaugh said he had heard a terrible rumor that Luke was becoming a Tarheel fan and as a loyal IPTAY alumnus of the Clemson Tigers, he could not stand for that. 

The other night I was trying to get Luke to learn and pronounce different colors. 

Well, Ira will be relieved to know that the first word he repeated was "orange."