Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas program pictures

(Click the images to get a full size).
Our Rachel Ruth was the newest baby in the church this December, so you know who was drafted as the baby Jesus in the Christmas music program on December 17. AND you know who ended up being Mary and Joseph. Yep, you guessed it.
Luke was a reluctant shepherd. He seemed to like being in his sheep herding outfit until he saw his Mommy go down the aisle to take her place at the manger with the baby Jesus and Daddy. Then it was, "MOMMEEEEEE!" constantly from the back row until the shepherds came down the aisle. The man who was leading Luke (Roger Elliott) looked at me like "You want him?" as tears rolled down Luke's face to a pitiful "MOMMEEEE!" I relieved the shepherd who was "sore afraid" of his little shepherd boy, and he immediately went to his Mommeeeee's lap. Then he was fine. We could write our own DaVinci Code with a story like that.

Meanwhile, baby Jesus, our Rachel, was oblivious to the celebrity impersonation status she was enjoying. She was sleeping away, that is until one little angel, Courtney Vaughan, figured out that there was a real live baby in that trough and not a doll. Then Rachel had a guardian angel the rest of the night and the Virgin Mary had to stand guard to make sure the angel didn't rip out or shove in the pacifier too hard.