Monday, January 22, 2007

Saudis banning X

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world, is banning the letter X because it looks too much like a Christian cross.

OK, I've gotta ask --

How will they spell X-ray? Superman's vision will be impaired! He already wears glasses at the Daily Planet. (I've always wondered where he puts his glasses when he changes anyway. Have you wondered that?)

And what about Malcolm X? He really won't have a last name now.

And what about all the members of Generation X? They will be genuinely label-less after all.

What will they do with XX and XY chromosomes? Will there be no more male and female designation in S.A? And will the King (or who?) decide how each gender will be redesignated, perhaps Type-A and B persons? And won't that confuse hard-driven, task-oriented individuals about their gender?

And they speak Arabic anyway, so why should they worry with English letters in the first place?

And if X is so bad, what about the letter t? Isn't it more crucial? (Pun intended)

This is a mess.