Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hearts heavy for Reilly

Our hearts have been heavy for an old friend and his wife who live in Colorado Springs. On Thursday one of my good friends from Fuller Seminary days, along with his wife, lost their third child. Reilly was supposed to be stillborn, but he survived birth at 27 weeks for nearly a week. We have been following and praying with Colm and Arlene McCormack, and our hearts and prayers have been with them greatly. It appears that the little fighter who was originally nicknamed June Bug had too much lung damage from the ventilation machines. Pictured is Colm's wife, Arlene, holding their little one around that divine moment as he passed into glory. Some things just don't make sense.

In a post entitled, "It is finished . . ." Colm wrote on Thursday morning:
After sitting by his bedside and reading scriptures to Reilly for several hours tonight, Arlene & I went home from the hospital about 10PM. At Midnight we were called back in because Reilly’s situation became critical and his numbers really took a turn for the worst. When we arrived at the hospital, the doctors were diligently working on him. Arlene and I touched him and spoke to him and his numbers came up some, but not enough.

It is with great despair in our hearts that we have to report that Reilly went home to be with the Lord this morning. He died in my arms at 1:27AM. The doctors feel his very immature lungs received too much damage from being ventilated (an inherent risk to ventilation machines)
which was compounded by an infection.

He was a beautiful little boy with blond hair and blond eyebrows. He had big feet and big hands. His ears were so cute! Reilly would always open his eyes when Arlene & I talked to him. We could SEE him listening to us and thinking about what we were saying. He was very interactive and full of life. We had such a different ending to the story & we can’t believe he is gone and we don’t get to raise him. I would give anything to repeat last week with him again.

Reilly is in heaven with his sisters now. He left a BIG impression on many many people throughout the world. He knew much love in his short life and we will always love him.

Arlene & I can’t thank you enough for the support your prayers have been to us and our son Reilly. Thank you for your service to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.
-Colm & Arlene