Saturday, June 23, 2007

Liberian ways

Our friends from our home church in Laurens, SC, David and Judy Humphries will soon be leaving (July 7) for two years in Liberia with Living Water - Carolinas. They aren't going without some intercultural experience. They have been in Liberia on three earlier occasions. Below are some of the things they will encounter regularly.

Liberian extension cord.
You gotta give them credit for ingenuity. In order to make the short cord work, they spliced another one and plugged in.

Liberian Gas Station
Notice it is sold one gallon at a time in a gallon mayonnaise jar (so you can see how clean it is). It is siphoned up a tube by the salesman and then stuck in your tank really fast.

Liberian pothole.
And you thought your DOT was bad. This looks like rainy season upcountry. Yep, it's that sticky red mud.

Liberian Taxi service.
This car is on the Gbarnga Highway running in excess of 60-65 mph and this guy is hanging on.

Liberian log bridge
You see alot of these upcountry over creeks.