Monday, June 04, 2007

Nigeria: 14,000 Idoma come to Christ

Nigeria (MNN) -- One million Idoma people in Nigeria are now governed by a Christian chief. It is custom to stand and sit as the chief does and kneel before him when addressing him. That is exactly what Brett from the JESUS Film Project did as he shared the Gospel with the chief. "After I shared Christ with him, the chief asked for me to write down the prayer, how to pray to receive Christ. The pastors we were working with were very ecstatic; they had told me that meant that he wanted to go pray to receive Christ, kind of in private." The rest of the village was able to see the JESUS Film, and 14,000 Idoma people accepted Christ. The new believers will be cared for by local pastors and JESUS Film workers. "They are able to do the follow up and to train, and to disciple new believers. And the new believers are able to get plugged into local churches." Nigeria is generally very nominal. Pray that the chief will begin to rule in a Godly way and that the Idoma people would persevere in their faith.