Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Old OR pictures

I ran across some old pictures from Operation Restoration in 1996 when we prayerwalked GA, SC, and NC 786 miles. You can click the pictures to get a larger image.

The first one is the OR Team. My how young we all looked! L to R first row is Linda Graham (now of Apex, NC), David Kim (now of New York, NY), Fern Noble (of Ventura, CA), Linda Fulmer (Lindale, TX), Glenellen Maxwell (Sierra Madre, CA), and Barbara Gard (San Francisco Bay Area, CA). Back row: Day Parker (Valparaiso, IN), Christian Bass (back now in Castle Rock CO), Henry Redding (we think in Otto, NC, but no one is sure), Frank Seignious (Mount Pleasant, SC), Ron Campbell (no one knows where he is), Gene Brooks (now in Oxford, NC), and Wayne Graham (now in Apex, NC).

The next picture is of me and my right hand on that trip, Christian Bass. Yes, Virginia, we did have hair back then! I was fresh out of seminary the first time (Fuller School of World Mission) and Christian was fresh out of Presbyterian College. This picture was taken at Old Sheldon Church Ruins, tabby remains in Yemassee, SC, on or near the site of a Yemassee town massacred in the 1713-15 Yamasee War in SC. This church was built on rice plantation land taken from the liquidated Yamasees, then burned by the British in the invasion of 1781, rebuilt, then burned again by Sherman's troops and left as it is today as a memorial of the destruction.

The next picture is of the final day of the walk, November 16, 2006, as we gathered at 15/501 and the exit for Duke Forest. On this day, we invited local intercessors to join us in prayerwalking the last four miles to the Bennett Place Surrender site with us. The pic below is of me in the blue jacket giving directions that morning. If you're from Durham, click on the picture. You may notice a few people you know including Rev. Z.D. Harris.

The last picture is the "End of the Trail." I stood at the Unity monument at the Bennett Place on Nov 15, 1996, and watched that beloved team which I had the privilege before God of leading nearly 800 miles complete an incredible accomplishment on their part.

Ann Fuller and Missy Bishop couldn't stop it. Bethany Presbyterian Church and Herb Codington could not stop it. Peter and Doris Wagner could not stop it. The Lord took that project and Christian and I just stood there in the whirlwind and watched Him execute it flawlessly.

Our team was awesome and loved one another so much that they did not want to part at the end. News reporters put the final celebration count at five hundred prayer warriors joined in prayer that final day from across the country. The Raleigh News & Observer and CBN News covered the event as a rainbow appeared in the sky on a cloudless, rainless day (actually it had not rained for over a month.) It was an awesome day, and the Lord got all the glory. Soli Deo Gloria.