Friday, July 13, 2007

Christian N. Korean army officer to be publicly executed

North Korea (MNN) -- Voice of the Martyrs has launched a worldwide campaign to free Son Jong Nam, a former North Korean army officer awaiting public execution for being a Christian. VOM's Todd Nettleton says this is an unusual situation. "It's actually fairly rare to have a name and a face about a North Korean prisoner because the country is so closed. Since we did have that specific information, in this case, we want to use this to draw attention not only to this case but to the overall situation for Christians in North Korea." Nettleton says they're asking people to write letters and send emails on Son Jong Nam's behalf which will then be mailed to the North Korean delegation to the UN. It's also a message of hope for the embattled church. "Pray for this prisoner, for Son Jong Nam. Pray for his encouragement. Pray for his health. We know that North Korean jails are not safe places. I think we can also pray that he would have opportunities to share his faith even while he is in prison."