Thursday, August 23, 2007

A new GI

I changed GI doctors yesterday from Hirendra Doshi to Ghassan al-Sabbagh. I was so impressed with Syrian-born Dr. al-Sabbagh -- a specialist with an interest in his patients! The moon must be blue. He corrected several things which Dr. Doshi did not handle well including medicine and prognosis.

Dr. Doshi at Triangle Gastroenterology is a typical specialist -- little interest in the patient beyond clinical. The distance to his office at Six Forks and Atlantic in Raleigh was not that bad, but driving all that way to sit in the waiting room and listen to the receptionists shred the other staff in the back and intentionally let the phone go, then to have a 3 minute appointment where the doctor never looks up from his chart, asks you "So how are you?" then says, "Good, back in three months" just didn't cut it. I always left thinking, "I drove all this way for that?"

The straw that broke the camel's back with me as far as Dr. Doshi was concerned was the last appointment in which I waited and listened for over half an hour in the examination room while Dr. Doshi stood outside my door salivating over the good-looking blonde drug rep who gave him tickets to something or other in Raleigh for he and his wife and promised him an office dinner for everyone on staff soon. He communicated that my time is not as important as his.
I hope things continue to go well with Dr. al-Sabbagh. They sure started well, and he's closer to home with an office in Louisburg and Wake Forest. He sure comes highly recommended, both from my awesome family doc, Scott Konopka, and Scott Townsend at the super Wake Forest Drug.

I wish insurance would pay for a return to Jewish Dr. Allan Lieberman at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in North Charleston, SC. He treated my condition as an allergy, and I received the longest and best results from his treatment. His patients travel from North America, Europe, and Asia for treatment.