Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saudi Arabia - Terrorist state

August 29, 2007
The Terrorist State We Dare Not Name
By Jim Freeman

The nation we dare not name is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula.

One could hardly find a more pivotal entity. Fourteen of nineteen 9-11 hijackers belonged to this nation. It operates under Sharia Law

The country that we dare not name is of course, Saudi Arabia.

Officials in Washington have long resisted blaming Saudi Arabia for the chaos and sectarian strife in Iraq, choosing instead to pin blame on Iran and Syria. Even now, military officials rarely talk publicly about the role of Saudi fighters among the insurgents in Iraq. As well as blaming them for inculcating the development of a religious environment that was virulently anti-American, in order to diffuse Muslim protest against the monarchy.

The terrorist state we dare not name has become, through out own incompetent intervention, the terrorist state we will be forced to deal with on their terms, not ours.