Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Christian Woman Tortured to Death in Eritrea

Eritrean authorities tortured a woman to death on Wednesday September 5 for refusing to recant her Christian faith, the fourth such killing in less than a year, according to a Christian support organization.

Open Doors said in a statement that it had confirmed the death of 33-year-old Migsti Haile at the Wi'a Military Training Center; she was one of 10 single Christian women arrested at a church gathering in Keren who have spent 18 months under severe pressure.
On February 15, Magos Solomon Semere died under torture at the Adi-Nefase Military Confinement facility outside Assab, and last October 17, two other Christians died from torture wounds in Eritrea. Two days after Immanuel Andegergesh, 23, and Kibrom Firemichel, 30, were arrested for holding a religious service in a private home south of Asmara, they died from torture injuries and severe dehydration in a military camp outside the town of Adi-Quala, eyewitnesses told Compass Direct News.

Source, Religion Today Summaries , Sept 11, 2007