Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Liberia Bound

It's official.

Everyone involved (Amanda, church, 4 professors) has granted permission for me to join the Chestnut Ridge (CRBC) team with Living Water Carolinas (LWC) on a mission trip to Liberia, West Africa, mine and Amanda's second home. The Lord has graciously provided the fare and expenses to go. The dates are November 3-15.

I led a team from The Ridge in 2005 to Liberia, and now two of those team members are our hosts, David and Judy Humphries, members of CRBC and country directors for LWC. We will also be working with Dennis Aggrey while we are there.

If you're interested in missions in Liberia, join the Mission Liberia email list. About 125 persons, Liberians, missionaries, and folks from other countries and various denominations participate.

This morning I had to turn down an invitation to speak in northeast India October 27-28.

It came from a former classmate at Fuller, Teilang Kharmujai (pictured here in NE India), writing for the Ri Bhoi Mihngi Youth Presbytery in Shillong, Meghalaya State, with an expected crowd of 4000 people on Sunday the 28th.

In case you haven't heard, they are experiencing a large revival there in the Khasi-Jiantia Presbyterian Church .