Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ask the IMF to relieve Liberia's debt

Ask for fast action to Liberia’s debt crisis

Please do this for the sake of the children of Liberia if for no other reason.
Here is the letter I sent today to the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.

You might use it as a starting point for your email.

To: Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Please move quickly to relieve Liberia’s debt load.

After greedy and manipulative leaders destroyed Liberia for fourteen years in civil war, the global community, the non-profit sector, and the Liberian government (ever the weak link in the past), have begun to raise the nation out of failure status.

It would have been nearly impossible to imagine just 4 years ago the progress Liberia has made since September 2003, when the peace accords were signed. It has been simply astounding. With Africa’s first freely-elected female president, the indomitable Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is forging ahead with reforms that give hope to the world’s nations that Liberia can succeed in their nearly impossible endeavor. Once the wealthiest, freest, and most stable African nation, it has now started back in that direction and can achieve that status in the next generation.

International debt load is Liberia’s great albatross.

Please work quickly to remove that great hindrance to Liberia’s government, economy, GDP, and taxpayer as well as other nations and non-profits world-wide which have invested millions in Liberia.

Other nations have forgiven Liberia’s debt at the same time they are heavily donating resources. My family ourselves have heavily invested our lives in Liberia since before the war was over in 2003, in peace-building, in infrastructure, in children, in advocacy, in raising monies, and in relationships.

Please alleviate Liberia’s debt with the International Monetary Fund.