Monday, August 06, 2007

Friends Show up at Church

On Sunday morning, August 5, I was surprised at the beginning of the church service with a visit from several old friends from the Cherokee Prayer Initiative.
They walked right in and hugged my neck while I was getting ready to start the service. During the service, they each gave me a gift and were so kind in their words. It was an awesome surprise that helped carry us through some otherwise discouraging days. Amanda knew about it, kept it a secret, and had lunch planned for everyone. It was awesome.

Left to right, 1st row: Debi Ensign from Greensboro, NC, Mark Rodgers from Cookeville, TN, holding Luke, Bettye Lundquist from Chattanooga, TN, Bob Ensign from Greensboro, NC.
2nd row: Rachel Ruth, Gene, Wardell Jones from Maryland who arrived late unfortunately, and that crazy Daphne Swilling from Chattanooga, TN.

Rachel lets Mark hold her for nearly five minutes!

Everybody catches up after lunch.

Amanda's in this picture! After lunch and some chatting, they all piled in their cars and drove home! Wow! What an awesome surprise and an awesome day! Thanks so much, dear ones!