Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spiritual Warfare (Part 3 of 6)

Continued from Part 2 of 6

How Bondage Occurs – The enemy’s plan is to destroy what is most precious to God, viz., human souls. Their modus operandi is to blind unbelievers’ minds (2 Cor 4:3-4). Therefore, our enemy uses defilement and deception of sin to induce the slavery of bondage.

Here’s how bondage occurs.

There is only one rule book in the universe. That is the Word of God. It is the sole authority, and every being, no matter what side of the ball they find themselves in the spiritual realms, must work in this universe under the authority of the Word of God. It was set in place by the Sovereign Creator of the κόσμος. Its principles and rules of engagement are not going away (1 Pet 1:25). Therefore any strategy which the enemy uses (2 Cor 10:3) must work around the eternal Word of God. Accordingly, the enemy’s strategy to take away or defile life is always one or a combination of three things.
One strategy is to denigrate the Rule Book. The enemy attempts to degrade respect for the Rules through putting down its authority and inerrancy or better; hide the existence of the Rules. We call this strategy in our circles Biblical illiteracy. That is the way of the world.

A second strategy that is time worn with the enemy is to encourage the godly to break the Rules. That is called temptation. That is the way of the flesh.

The third of the three strategies used by our enemies may be a bit unfamiliar to us, but the Bible openly demonstrates its effect. It is to turn the Rules against the godly where possible, for example, in carrying out the effects of sin in Deuteronomy 28 or the ill effects on David’s family for his sin with Bathsheba. This is the principle of generational iniquity. It is the way of the devil.

Now let’s see how those strategies work together.

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