Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas tree hunting

Christmas tree hunting was a lot of fun this year.

The last two years we went to a NC tree farm to find our Christmas tree.

This year we decided to go to Pick a Pine Plantation in Oak Level, Virginia, about 10 miles west of South Boston. First we met the farm owners at the barn and found out what they had. We were excited.

It brought back a lot of good memories of the 14 seasons I worked on the Christmas tree farm in Mountville, SC. I miss Mr. Dalton Taylor and often think of him growing up here in the tobacco country of NC/VA.

Back to tree hunting: Then we headed down the hill to find a tree.

It didn't take Luke long to find the tree he wanted. "This is a good one!" he said. He seems to like Charlie Brown trees a lot.

After a little while we found just the right Virginia pine, whacked it down, threw it on back of the the tobacco slide, and jumped on board to ride behind the tractor.

On the way back riding in the slide behind the tractor with our big haul, we saw horses, ducks, geese, chickens, and guineas. Rachel talked to them. "Bop-Bop. Bop-Bop-Bop."

Mommy finally got in a picture at the end. Rachel was not finished looking at those birds.