Sunday, December 09, 2007

Exodus 34:29-35 - The Radiant Face of Moses

Contextual Notes: In Exodus 34, Israel and the Lord are renewing their relationship following the desperate backsliding of the nation with the Golden Calf (Exodus 32)

In Exodus 34 we have:

1- New Tablets (Exodus 35:1-4)

2- New Revelation (Exodus 35:5-9), a

3- Renewed Covenant (Exodus 35:10-28), and a

4- New Man (Exodus 35:29-35).

Let’s look at that last section today understand the Radiant Moses and the Radiance we as Christians should project to others.

Pray and Read: Exodus 34:29-35

Sermon Points:

1- A Radiant Face (Exodus 34:29)

2- An Uncommon Brightness (Exodus 34:30-32)

3- An Unfortunate Veil (Exodus 34:33-35)

Exposition: Note well,


a. APPLICATION: How radiant is yours?


a. Moses’ own brother and the people of Israel were afraid of the unknown. Moses’ relationship with the Lord was fearful to them.

b. APPLICATION: Are you afraid when people talk of their relationship with Jesus? Does it make you uncomfortable? Perhaps you need to be renewed in your relationship with Jesus or perhaps your religious activity all these years has been just that and only that – religious activity. Perhaps you need a relationship with Jesus.


a. Paul writes about this very event in 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 when he says the veil is a covering over the gospel that is radiant in the Old Testament Law. To this day, Paul said to his audience, it remains.

b. APPLICATION: Is there a veil over the Scripture for you? Perhaps you need to ask the Lord for illumination for His Radiance on it. Perhaps it is veiled because you are not in Christ yourself. Today let’s fix that problem. Are you afraid of going deeper with God? Are you afraid of fanaticism? Are you afraid to come to Him? Fear, my friend, is not of the Lord.

Today I want to give you an opportunity to become a new man or woman with a radiant face, to remove that veil, to come into the full Light of Christ, who is the Light of the World.