Saturday, January 12, 2008

Numbers Outline

Outline of the Book of Numbers:

A Short Outline:

Numbers 1-10 God’s Legislation

Numbers 11-20 Israel Failure

Numbers 21-36 Israel’s Return & Victory

A Geographic Outline

Preparing to leave Sinai (Numbers 1:1-10:10)

From Sinai to Paran (Kadesh-barnea) (Numbers 10:11 - 12:16)

From Kadesh wandering back to Kadesh (Numbers 13-20)

From Kadesh to the border of Promised Land (Numbers 20-36)


a. Numbering and Positioning the People (Numbers 1-2): “Let everything be done ... in order”

b. Numbering and Organizing the Levites (Numbers 3-4): “Everyone must know and operate in his/her God-appointed place and service”

c. Assigning Duties (Numbers 5-10): “Our God is a consuming fire”

i. Restitution/Jealousy Offering: (Numbers 5)

ii. Nazirite Vow: (Numbers 6)

iii. Gifts of Tribal leaders: (Numbers 7)

iv. Levites installed: (Numbers 8) (Light and Cleansing of the Word)

v. First Passover observance (Numbers 9:1-14)

vi. Following the Cloud: (Numbers 9:15-10:10)

vii. Forward March: (Numbers 10:11-36)


a. Complaining against God (Numbers 11)

b. Grumbling against Moses (Numbers 12): Grumbling is the easiest thing in the world to learn. “No talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character is required to set up the grumbling business.”

c. Rebelling at Kadesh (Numbers 13-14): Great Breach of the Covenant, Place of Rebellious Decision. “Rebellion is an infection which delays progress” – e.g., Miriam. “So we see that they could not enter because of unbelief” (Hebrews 3:17-19). Principle: Trust and obey, for there’s no other way.

d. Wandering in the Wilderness (Numbers 15-21): Silent years (Numbers 33:19-37); did not circumcise children (Joshua 5:5-6); did not offer sacrifices to God (Jeremiah 7:22; Amos 5:25-26); worshiped idols (Acts 7:42-43)

i. Holiness Reminder (Numbers 15)

ii. Korah’s Rebellion (Numbers 16)

iii. Vindication of Aaron: Rod Buds (Numbers 17)

iv. Confirmation of Aaron (Numbers 18)

v. Red Heifer & the Water of Cleansing (Numbers 19)

vi. Water from the Rock, Edom Refuses, Aaron dies (Numbers 20)

vii. Bronze Serpent, Sihon & Og defeated (Numbers 21)

e. Hiring of Balaam (Numbers 22-25)

i. Way of Balaam – Covetousness: Numbers 22 (2 Peter 2:15-16)

ii. Error of Balaam – Ignorance: Numbers 23 (Romans 8:31-34)

iii. Prophecy of Balaam – A King is Coming: Numbers 24

iv. Doctrine of Balaam – Fornication/ Idolatry Numbers 25

3. NUMBERS 26-36: PREPARING A NEW GENERATION (Return to Favor and Final Victory)

    1. Numbering a New Generation (Numbers 26). less than first census (cf. Numbers 1:46 with 26:7) It is not the size of the army but the size of their faith.

    2. Organizing & Training a New Generation (Numbers 27-31)

i. Woman’s Rights under the Law: Numbers 27:1-11 (This right of redemption comes to bear with Ruth and her Kinsman Redeemer Boaz.)

ii. Leader for a new generation-Joshua: Numbers 27:12-23

iii. Laws of Offerings: Numbers 28-29

iv. Law of Vows: Numbers 30

v. Vengeance on Midian: Numbers 31 (Midian is a type of the world from which Christians are called to be separated; Balaam killed; Galatians 6:14; 1 John 2:15-17)

c. d. Assigning the Land to a New Generation (Numbers 32-36)

i. Reuben and Gad ask for land East of Jordan: Numbers 32. Jordan is a type of death and resurrection of Jesus.

ii. Log of Journeys: Numbers 33

iii. Borders of Promised Land: Numbers 34

iv. Cities of Refuge given to Levites: Numbers 35

v. Law of Land Inheritance: Numbers 36. Land to remain in tribe and family.