Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dying Churches

Dr. Frank Page is the President of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Taylors (SC) First Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.

Dr. Frank Page believes the Southern Baptist Convention could lose half its churches by 2030 unless something changes. Page cited statistics reflecting a denominational decline. He said the reason for the downturn is not the lack of another program or convention-wide initiative.

Instead Page said the problem resides in churches that refuse to change in any way to stop their inevitable demise.

"Reflecting on the reality of many Southern Baptist churches, Page stated that “many Southern Baptist churches are small groups of white people who are holding on to the end. Not only have we not reached out to younger generations, but we have failed to reach out to other ethnic minorities who are all around us.” Rather than embracing a “whatever it takes” mentality to change and restore a local church to health, Page said many pastors and churches have “chosen to die rather than change, and they are doing it.”

Source: BSC Communications