Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rellenos, fried rice, and Egyptian

Amanda's parents came up from Florida to help with our new baby. They arrived Wednesday night a few hours after Ava-Grace's birth and will leave on Sunday morning to make the 14 hour trip so they can be at work on Monday.

While Mimi and Pops have been enjoying (read: spoiling) their grandchildren, Mimi has also been cooking up some great things for us. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite food is usually something I've never had before. Mimi has not disappointed us.

Last night we had, at Amanda's request, chili-cheese rellenos followed by peach and walnut cake. Great. Today's lunch was bacon and ham fried rice. Wow! Best of all, Mimi is leaving the recipes for Amanda to use.

Tonight I am looking forward to Bamia Egyptian Beef and Okra.