Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday a good one

Sunday was a good one. First, we had a baptism. Caroline Talley and her husband Jimmy had joined the church two weeks ago, retiring to their ancestral home. Caroline, however, had been a Methodist all these years. She chose to join our church by immersion. Second, there were many positive comments on the sermon, which I appreciated since it was a difficult passage to preach.

Third, we had an awesome training for leaders of the Vacation Bible School which is scheduled for June 23-27. JoAnn Brewer has been working hard and with excellence on this.

And Monday night's men on mission meeting outdoors under the oak trees was a good meeting as well.

Being a pastor sometimes means your correspondence from time to time is not so nice, but it also means you get lovely notes like this one from a dear little girl named Kaleigh.