Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toddler food

Toddlers can eat some pretty sick things from time to time.

For instance, Rachel is thrilled when she occasionally finds an old Cheerio back behind the seat cushions in the couch, especially if it's one of those new colored ones that taste like a Fruit Loop.

Last night my wife fixed breakfast for supper. Grits, cheese, eggs, bacon, biscuits. While she was in the middle of cooking everything, she turned around to find Rachel licking the inside of an egg shell she had just pulled out of the trash. Amanda about died.

After supper, we went outside to play. Rachel loves the baby, so Amanda asked her if she wanted to kiss Ava-Grace. Rachel puckered up, popped out two pieces of now-sparkling wet gravel, and kissed Ava-Grace right on the cheek.