Thursday, June 26, 2008

Page: Cultural Christianity a grave

QUOTE: “‘Do not deal with reality. Do not deal with what is really going on in your family, in your church, in your life. Keep it on the surface. Keep things shallow.’

"That is cultural Christianity at its best and its worst. It is strangling the lifeblood out of our churches and our families. … We’ve been ignoring God’s call for repentance.

"We have been failing to be relevant to a culture that sees us as representatives of death and not as representatives of life.

"When the quickening power of the Holy Spirit comes on us, we do what we’ve always done; we avoid and we evade. … If anything comes out of this convention, would you join me in saying that the problem is not somebody else, it is me?”

—outgoing SBC president Frank Page, speaking candidly in his last address to the denomination about the long-term effects of “cultural Christianity,” which he believes has become a “grave into which we have fallen.” [Baptist Press, 6/10/08]