Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bush almost assassinated in Jan 2008?

An email I received today from Eagles Wings Ministries quoting Arutz-Sheva, an Israeli newspaper, tells of an al-Qaeda operative at Hebrew University who watched a helicopter land at the university stadium with the intent of shooting it down in January 2008. That helicopter was an American government aircraft with a "senior American official" on board. FYI - President Bush visited Israel in January 2008.

Below is the article from Eagles Wings.



The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and Israeli police have arrested and charged six Israeli-Arabs, among them Hebrew University students, for planning an Al-Qaeda attack on a senior US official. The group, including four residents of eastern Jerusalem, are suspected of operating an al-Qaeda cell in Israel's capital and planning to shoot down a helicopter carrying a senior US official.

Two of the suspects were identified by police as: Ibrahim Nashef, 22, of Tayibe: Physics and computer sciences student at the Hebrew University; Muhammad Najem, 24, of Nazareth: Chemistry student at the Hebrew University. All of them were under 25 years old.

The indictments, filed against them on Friday, reveal that the six used to meet at the al-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. They allegedly surfed al-Qaeda websites, where they found instructions for producing explosive devices.

According to evidence, one of the detainees, Muhammad Najem, lived in a Hebrew University dormitory overlooking the university's stadium, which also serves as a helicopter landing pad. Najem watched the landing ground as a Presidential helicopter touched down in the course of President Bush's January 2008 visit to Israel, with the intent of shooting it down. At the same time, the suspect allegedly sought instructions on the internet for shooting down a landing helicopter, and he took mobile-phone pictures of the presidential helicopter's landing. A "senior American official" was on board the helicopter at the time. (Excerpt from Arutz-Sheva, 7/18)