Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chestnut Ridge Moving Co.

Here are pictures from the July 5-6 visit by incredible friends from Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church who helped us through a very difficult time as we resigned from Amis Chapel Baptist Church. These pictures are from Roxanne's camera (link to all the pictures is below).

In one weekend, the ladies drove 5 hours from SC, packed our whole house to move, and drove back home. Their husbands tended to their children while they were away. They did incredible work. By contrast, Amanda and I just yesterday finished going through all our storage in the parsonage basement to get it ready to move out next weekend.

Here is Luke, Amanda, and Rachel eating the pizza from Pizza Pub that we got for supper on Saturday night.

Here are the ladies eating pizza across from Amanda and the kids.
L to R is Stephanie Quarles (Financial Peace University expert), Katelyn Mann (facebook expert), Selah Mann (nursing expert), and Tracey Wilson (music expert).

Luke is being silly with Margaret, the new CFO at Laurens County (SC) Hospice.

Here is Tracey Wilson helping pack the parsonage kitchen.

Katelyn bathed Rachel. Rachel wants to know, "Why are you taking my picture?"

Rachel enjoyed Katelyn -- and the sucker she gave her.

Luke enjoyed Margaret. Here they are at my desk while I am at church resigning on July 6. Margaret is trying to find on dial-up. Good luck.

Here are the ladies. L to R: Amanda, baby Ava-Grace, little Rachel, Tracey with Roxanne's baby Selah, Stephanie, and Roxanne Mann.

Roxanne took this picture of church friends who came over to the parsonage after my resignation while I was getting ready to grill lunch on July 6 for our guests.

These were the first wave of kind folks who came across the road as soon as the church business meeting ended. L to R: Donna Perkins, Sally Brewer, Richard Glasscock, JoAnn Brewer carrying Rachel, Jason Talley, Caroline Talley, Lori Puckett, Patty Ayers hugging Amanda, me, Joan Ellen Vaughan, Dana Vaughan, and Courtney Vaughan.

So many came, weeping, sad, upset, angry, apologizing, and disappointed, that the ladies ended up grilling their dinner. In fact they left at 2:30pm to head back to South Carolina, and it was 4:30pm before I finished lunch myself. It was a very emotional day, but the Lord sustained us in His grace.

These are not all the pictures Roxanne took. All Roxanne's pictures can be found here