Saturday, August 02, 2008

Moe knows anniversaries

What did we do for our anniversary last Monday?

Well, under the circumstances, we decided to take the children and go to Moe's at Triangle Town Center the night after the big gang fight that closed the mall down. We chose Moe's because we heard that Mondays were Kids Eat Free Night, and eating at Chucky Lucky Discount Leg Quarters To Go was just not appealing -- not for your seventh anniversary.

We got to Moe's to find out that their "Kids Eat Free" night is not Mondays -- but Tuesdays. Oh well. We'd already driven down to gang territory now. Might as well eat there. The kids whined the whole time and didn't do a thing we told them to do. I think the people in the next booth were about to call DSS on us.

We got home exhausted and swearing that we would get babysitters next year (so we could sit silently and reminisce about how sweet our children are.) Instead of Happy Anniversary, we were asking, "Do they have a nursery?"

It wasn't quite as good as our sixth anniversary. We were riding Thomas the Train in Sylva, NC.
It was much better than our fifth anniversary. I was in the hospital getting a colonoscopy.
Our fourth anniversary was at Carrabbas on Capital in north Raleigh, after I got off work at Just Tires.
It was definitely not as good as our third anniversary. We went to Mamba Point Hotel Restaurant in Monrovia, Liberia. That was a sweet date.