Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dan and Marion

Here are a few pictures from the July 12, 2008, Johnson-Sperry Wedding at Occoneechee State Park near Clarksville, VA, where Dan and Marion Pritchard's granddaughter was married. I had the honor to officiate the ceremony overlooking the lake. The kids love Dan and Marion as their own family. Dan and Marion are both engineers -- Dan is chemical; Marion is domestic.

Friends like these two are rare pearls. They have stuck with us, encouraged us, counseled us, and believed in us through thick and thin, sometimes it seemed mostly thin! They are two of the Godliest people we have ever met, and Bible -- wow do they know their Bibles. I had the distinct honor of ordaining Dan as a deacon.

Luke got hold of one of the cameras on a reception table and went off to the back of the yard to take pictures of a little girl!