Monday, September 01, 2008

Heading back to NC

We are heading back to North Carolina in a few minutes from Montgomery. We don't know what to expect in traffic, weather, etc., as so many have filled the hotels and highways this direction fleeing the Hurricane Gustav.

Yesterday the men including Luke went to tour Fort Toulouse, a significant French, then American fortification at the confluence of the Coosa and Talapoosa Rivers to form the Alabama River in Wetumpka, AL. The Poarch Band of Muscogee Creeks operate a casino on land near there in Wetumpka. Something told me that I'd be back there one day doing some prayerwalking. I felt like I was scouting a site. Andrew Jackson made the Native Americans give up all of central and southern Alabama in a treaty there following the battle at Horsehoe Bend. The land there is high and good, and a Mississippian mound (ca. 1000 AD) is there, too.

Last night we were all at Carmen's house for supper, glued to the TV watching Gustav move in, praying for those poor people, many filling the hotels here in Montgomery. Having been down there doing some Katrina work for a week in Biloxi, MS, I know some of the places they are talking about, and that makes the storm more personal.