Thursday, October 23, 2008

We voted early

Amanda and I participated in early voting today at the Wake Forest Community House. We arrived just after 2pm, and the line was about 20-30 deep, though the line moved quickly.

The place was buzzing with activity. I found it strange that we did not have to produce any ID at all to vote. We just gave our names. Amanda and I were the 708th and 709th voters.

It was a long ballot. The judgeship races were a little confusing to us, but a phone call earlier in the day to a politically active friend and a voter guide provided by partisan observers at the poll helped us out.

As we left, one of the observers spoke with us at our car and asked us to pray for the election. She said that almost everyone voting today wanted Democratic materials. We saw a bus loaded with apparent Democratic voters arriving as we left. Many paid ACORN folks were around, too, offering to help out Democrats.

On this first day of early voting, I figured one should expect the activists to be out in force and those who decided long ago their voting preferences would be the ones out to vote. For our part, we simply wanted to get the voting out of the way.