Sunday, October 12, 2008


A single bill of United States currency is 6.14 by 2.61 by 0.0043 inches. That's .06890922 cubic inches, in case you're thinking of renting a storage locker.

Stack a thousand and you've got a brick of bills 4.3 inches thick. One million dollars is one thousand times as thick--4,300 inches, or 358 feet tall. Multiply by a thousand again and you've hit a billion. That's 4,300,000 inches or 358,333 feet or 67.866 miles tall.

Hold on. We're only at a billion. The bail-out call was for 700 billion. One more trip to the calculator. Now we're at 3,010,000,000 inches, 250,833,333 feet, or 47,506 miles tall. And since a bill weighs about one gram, your $700,000,000,000 will weigh around 1,543,235,835 pounds, or 771,618 tons!
Source: AppScout

And to think it's all borrowed on our nation's "good name" which we taxpayers have to pay back "one day" with interest to a government that will use the money to take control of the very commercial institutions which they claim our tax dollars are going to help, "but without a total guarantee, mind you." This buyout will end up selling us out.