Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Assault on children underway

Assault on the unborn underway, battle begins

The erosion of pro-life policies in America is officially underway. One could argue it began even as our new president took the oath of office. As the clock struck noon on Inauguration Day, the White House’s official Web site morphed from one defending unborn lives to one supporting their death. Click to continue...

Prayers, indeed. Capitulation, never.

In a very real way, Barack Obama’s elevation to the White House is an affirmation of the biblical truth that all persons are created by God in His own image and, as image-bearers, are sacred, deserving of inalienable rights. The most important of these inalienable rights is the right to life itself. Tragically, it’s the violation of this right that makes Obama’s inauguration also a matter of grave concern. Click to continue...

Targeting children– born and unborn

by Richard Land

Just a week into Barack Obama’s presidency and we have several tragic reminders that we live in an increasingly anti-child culture, where too many adults ignore society’s responsibility to protect children–both born and unborn–if it interferes with their adult “preferences” and “choices.” more » Click to continue...

Source: ERLC