Sunday, January 18, 2009

The run around from Luke

I think I got the run around today after church from our eldest son Luke.

We were sitting in the van waiting for Mommy.
I asked Luke, "Did you enjoy Sunday School this morning?"
Did you have a snack and play a lot?"
"Did you have a Bible lesson?"
"Uh huh."
"What was it about, Luke?" I asked.
"Uh," he hesitated, "David."
"What about David?"
"When he got thrown in the lions den and beat up Goliaf."

"Okay . . . . ," I puzzled, then decided to try again. "Luke, what did your Sunday School teacher REALLY talk about from the Bible today?"
"Jesus," Luke matter-of-facted me.
"What about Jesus?"
"Jesus fed the five thousand and helped David."

This conversation was getting dizzy, but I couldn't resist hearing what might come next as I tried to hold the laughter.
"What did Jesus help David with, Luke?" I eyed him through the rear-view mirror.
After a sideways glance, he said, "Beat up Goliaf."

See what I mean about run around?

I smiled to myself, got out of the van, opened the side door and found Luke's take home paper from Sunday School. His lesson was about Daniel 2 when Daniel and his three friends elected to eat kosher food instead of the defiled food from the king's table.

I began to read the story out loud to him from the take home paper. Luke took up the story and finished telling it himself with some good details, and I dutifully "good jobbed!" him. Then he sat there a minute in silence.

"Daddy, our teacher wanted us to pick out the green vegetables."
"What?" That conversation was over, or so I thought.
"The teacher wanted us to pick the green vegetables out."
"Okay, . . ." I said, wondering if they talked about eating nutritious foods or something, so I asked him, "Luke, did you talk about your favorite foods today?"
"What are your favorite foods, Luke?"
"Okay. What else?"
"Well, okay. What else?"

I don't think he got the application of Daniel 2.

"How about a vegetable?"
"No sir. I don't like them."
"Okay, what else?" I was still hoping for a vegetable, any vegetable, perhaps even a green one.
"Chicken nuggets and french fries and ketchup and Coke."

I gave up.